Kids World Learning Center

"My children have been at Kids World since Oct 2022, and it's been a fantastic experience. They've thrived under the care of genuinely caring teachers and staff who provide daily updates and engage them in hands-on activities." - Vanessa Chavez
Kids World Learning Center, encompassing a vast 6,400 square feet, is licensed to care for over 150 children ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Our daycare center boasts thoughtfully designed classrooms, catering to the distinct developmental stages of children. We provide essential transportation to more than 12 nearby schools and feature enriching Before and After School Programs, making us a versatile choice for child care in Chandler.

Our child care centers feature:
  • Healthy Meals: A full-service commercial kitchen providing nutritious meals throughout the day.
  • Play Areas: Spacious indoor and outdoor play zones, segregated for various age groups.
  • Accreditations: Proudly certified by renowned bodies such as DHS, DES, First Things First, South West Human Development, and the Food Program.
  • Flexible Options: Accommodating Drop-In and Part-Time care to fit your family's needs.
Visit Our Daycare: Witness firsthand the enchanting and nurturing environment we've created at Kids World Learning Center.

Center Programs



(6 weeks to 12 months)

Our program nurtures recognition of familiar figures, motor skill development, and sensory exploration, among other enriching experiences.



(12 months to 33 months)

Our program encourages exploration, physical development, and communication to foster independence and emotional growth.



(33 months to 4.75 years)

We nurture preschoolers with theme-based, interactive learning and cultivate creativity, problem-solving, and independence through hands-on experiences.

Before & After
School Care

Before & After
School Care

(5.75 years to 12 years)

Our before & after-school program blends guided activities with self-play, fostering fun, learning, and growth with supportive staff and dedicated spaces.

Tuition and Openings at Kids World Learning Center

Center Offerings

Healthy Meals & Snacks
Qualified Educators
Dance & Movement
Natural Playground

Our music program offers a researched, systematic approach to nurturing children's social skills and musical development, including singing in tune and rhythmic coordination.

Conveniently nestled amidst ample parking, our center ensures stress-free drop-offs and pickups for our valued families.

All BrightPath centers are completely nut-free, and we work with families with children who have other food sensitivities and allergies to ensure their safety and well-being.

Our Educators are passionate about delivering early years education that empowers and inspires children to create their futures.

Our Yoga program enriches our preschool curriculum, fostering young minds and bodies for lifelong mental and physical well-being through fun, themed sessions.

Our dance programs blend solid technique with fun and creative choreography, fostering both technical skill and expressive, individualistic style in our little ones.

Explore and learn with our natural playgrounds, where adventure meets education in a landscape of fun.

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